Eritrea condemns U.S. sanctions over alleged N. Korea arms deal


The Eritrean government has criticized a move by the U.S. state Department to sanction the African country’s navy over an alleged military deal with North Korea.

The deal was revealed in a report released by the UN Security Sanctions Committee in February.

The report said that cargo carrying military radio equipment from North Korea was intercepted while on its way to Eritrea.

The Eritrean government dismissed the decision as “inexplicable and unwarranted”, saying they were part of plans to extend UN sanctions against the country, due to be reviewed this month.

The cargo in question was supposed to be for Eritech Computer Assembly & Communications Technology PLC, which operates from Asmara. When UN experts examined the cargo however, they said it contained 45 boxes of military radio equipment. This purchase violated UN Sanctions.

Eritrea has been under UN sanctions since 2009 following accusations that the government supported the al-Shabaab militant group in Somalia, accusations vehemently denied by Asmara.