Sacked South African Finance Minister Gordhan rubbishes report allegedly used to fire him


South Africa’s sacked finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has described the reasons for firing him as absolute nonsense.

Gordhan also said that the report stated false allegations that he, among others, was involved in a massive conspiracy to undermine the country’s economy.

“This is the so-called intelligence report, this is the so-called intelligence report which said that amongst others, the two of us and the director-general are involved in this massive conspiracy to undermine the economy of this country. And if you read this, this is absolute nonsense,” Gordhan said.

Pravin Gordhan lost his job including four other ministers in a cabinet reshuffle by President Zuma a few minutes after Thursday midnight. He had been recalled from an investor roadshow in London by Zuma due to alleged secret meetings to undermine the government at the event.





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