Kenya arrests Mauritian, 3 Italians in anti-drugs operation



Kenyan police have arrested 12 people, including three Italians, accused of drug-related offenses in a major security operation.

According to the head of police Anti-Narcotics Unit, Hamis Massa, two pistols and three kilograms of heroin were also recovered in the crackdown.

The police also arrested a man they identified as a local drug baron and was among the eight Kenyans arrested. A Mauritanian was also arrested.

Apart from the three Italians, a Mauritian national was also taken into custody.

Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has ordered a crackdown on suspected drug dealers in the East African nation.  In January, Kenya extradited four drug suspects to the U.S, where they are facing charges.

Regional police chief Philip Tuimur said the foreign suspects face deportation.

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