Egypt’s Sisi set to visit Saudi Arabia in April


Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi is scheduled to make a state visit to Saudi Arabia in April at the invitation of King Salman, Egyptian local media report.

According to the reports, Saudi ambassador to Cairo and permanent representative at the UN, Ahmed Qattan, welcomed President Sisi’s planned visit to the kingdom and said “it is going to be a successful visit.”

Qattan on Thursday said in a statement issued in Cairo that the talks between King Salman and President Sisi on trhe sidelines of the Arab Summit on Wednesday were distinguished and overwhelmed by the spirit of harmony, understanding and brotherliness.

“The coming period will witness further cooperation in all political, economic, development, cultural and educational fields between the two close countries,” MENA quoted Qattan as saying.

Relations between Cairo and Riyadh have been going through ups and downs over the past year, which are believed to be related to their different visions on the Syrian and Yemeni crises.

Sisi and Salman are reported to have expressed their aspiration to come up with practical and influential decisions that would meet the current challenges facing Arab nations.

However, there have recently been indicators that relations between Egypt and Saudi Arabia are witnessing a slight improvement as Saudi Arabian state oil company Aramco announced that it will resume oil product shipments to Egypt some six months after halting them suddenly, the Egyptian Petroleum Ministry said in mid March.

Additionally, al-Sisi issued a decree in February approving an MoU with the Saudi Fund for Development for US$1.5 billion to finance the Sinai Peninsula development project.