Number of Kenyans in dire need of emergency food aid doubles to 3 million


The number of Kenyan’s in need of emergency food aid has doubled over the past three months, now standing at three million, the Red Cross said on Tuesday as the impact of the devastating drought continues to worsen in the East African region.

The other countries that have been devastated by the drought in the region include South Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia.

The Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta last month declared the drought in the northeastern region of the country to be a national disaster, and appealed for aid from the international community.

“The situation is getting worse every day. Malnutrition rates among children are steadily climbing. Children are getting sick, and livelihoods of families have been decimated following the loss of thousands of their livestock,” Dr. Abbas Gullet, secretary general of the Kenya Red Cross Society, said in a statement.

“It is more and more difficult for people to access water – people are having to travel for up to three times as long just to get water for their family,” he added.

Following President Uhuru’s plea for aid, China has moved in to help those affected by the drought in the country.

The Chinese government donated aid worth $23 million to help those affected.

Speaking at the announcement of the donation, Chinese Ambassador to Kenya Liu Xianfa said the food aid would be able to help Kenyans combat the effects of the drought.

“The Chinese government would like to help the Kenyan people with emergency humanitarian food aid to combat the drought crisis,” Xianfa said.

Outside the region, Yemen and Nigeria are also facing famine, in what the United Nations has called the worst humanitarian crisis since the end of World War II.