UN investigators find ‘mass graves’ in DR Congo

United Nations investigators have found 10 mass graves in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s violence-hit Kasai region, UN human rights officer Barbara Matasconi has said, AFP news agency reports.

Speaking to reporters, Matasconi said that the government had been informed of the presence of seven mass graves in the town of Demba … and three mass graves in Tshimbulu.

The remote region has been hit by violence since August when government forces killed a traditional ruler and militia leader, Kamwina Nsapu, who had rebelled against the central government of President Joseph Kabila.

Matasconi said her office has received “very serious” allegations of other mass graves but they have not been “confirmed”.

The United Nations has nearly 19,000 troops deployed in the DR Congo, its largest and costliest peacekeeping mission, with about 100 of those troops in the Kasai region.

Source: AFP