President Mugabe arrives in Mauritius ahead of inaugural African Economic Platform


Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe on Sunday arrived in Mauritius ahead of the inaugural African Economic Platform that will be held in the capital, Port Louis.

The long-serving leader is one among African leaders expected to grace the two-day meeting that will bring together African Heads of State, captains of industry and academics (universities and intellectuals), to discuss African development priorities and challenges and will also provide a high-level networking platform.

The AEP meeting is expected to begin on Monday, with the Mauritian President and the Prime Minister expected to grace the meeting.

The AEP is an initiative driven by Africans to provide the policy space for Africans across sectors, to set their own agenda and explore realistic continental and global opportunities and options for implementing this agenda. It will operate within the framework of the implementation of the African Union (AU) Agenda 2063 and other progressive decisions and programs designed to promote African integration and development.

The forum will also act as a lobby and advocacy platform to influence the agenda of the AU summit and other world summits for the fast tracking of African integration and development.

Leaders from other African countries are also expected to attend, or to send a delegation to represent their countries at the AEP.