Uganda Education system blamed for rising unemployment

Jobs wanted
Jobs wanted
Jobs wanted

Over forty thousand students graduate from Uganda’s universities annually are majority of that number struggles to get employed.

Like David Katongole, an electrical engineering graduate, finding a job has been problem.

“I tried to look for jobs…handed in my applications in different companies and organisations…I actually did interviews…for some I did not go through” said David Katongole, Graduate

Concerns have been growing over institutions’ ineffectiveness in teaching student relevant subjects. Scholars are blaming the education system for the inadequacy.

“Our education system is typically exam find our ability to relate what we are studying to the environment that we are in hardly there…so the focus is on can you pass..” said Micheal Niyetegeka, University Lecturer

Policy makers are already working on reviewing curriculums at the different educational levels.The skills related curriculums are more in demand.

“When you want to improve the curriculum.. are we preparing our learners to compete globally..there are demands of the 21st century..are we actually meeting them..are our learners being able to do..are they creative..are they critical thinkers..can they communicate?”  said Faridah Nasereka, Project Officer, Uwezo

The government has already embarked on a massive skills development programme and much of it will involve technical empowerment. Educational critics believe that will deal with the gaps left by the educational system.

“We need to focus in the practical..lets define what sort of student we want from our school system..we have vision 2040 to guide us as uganda..if we dont work on the quality of the human resource we shall not achieve vision 2040..we shall not catch up with the chinese..the british..we shall not catch up with anybody successful in the world” said Fagil Mandy, Education Consultant

While there is a desperate need to shift the country’s education system from being largely “academic oriented” to practical, the country’s job market remains limited. It is however expected that that will change, as many young Uganda could soon achieve critical skills beyond ordinary learning.

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