Kenya to start issuing e-passports from April

Kenya to start issuing e-passports from April

Kenya’s immigration department has announced it will roll out e-passports from April 2017.

The e-passports are expected to contain a chip that has the details and biometrics of the passport owner.

Travel documents with the chips are registered with International Civil Aviation Organization and can be tracked via an antenna in the chip.

“With enhanced security features, the e-passports will be tamper proof and eliminate data skimming,” the department tweeted, Capital FM reports.

The e-passports are part of a wider East Africa strategy to enhance integration. The passports will also be rolled out in other EAC countries in the coming months.

According to the department, applicants will only visit their offices to have the biometrics registered after an online application process.

Nearly 50 countries have issued e-passports to their citizens including Ghana, Gabon, Egypt, Morocco and Mauritius.

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