CGTN Africa’s Robert Nagila in Beijing to cover the most important political event of the year in China



Robert Nagila recently landed in Beijing to cover, for the first time, the 2017 Two Sessions that officially kicked off on Friday. As one of the many CGTN foreign reporters reporting on the most important political event of the year in China, Nagila has been filing reports from behind the scenes, conducting exclusive interviews and sharing his own analysis and perspectives.

Having covered a series of upheavals across the African continent, including the 1996 conflict between rebels and government forces in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the Egyptian revolution of 2011, Robert Nagila is known for his in-depth news reports, confidence on camera and impeccable expertise in African affairs.

The 40-year-old seasoned journalist graduated from London School of Journalism, and started his career as a TV reporter 14 years ago with NTV Kenya, the leading television broadcasting station in his native country. He then joined CCTV as a foreign correspondent in 2012 and has since embarked in a journey to establish links between China and the African continent.

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