Africa first ladies urge African governments to give youth opportunities to participate in National building


The first ladies of Kenya and Malawi, Ms. Margaret Kenyatta and Dr. Getrude Mutharika urged the African governments to provide more opportunities for the youth since the future of Africa relies heavily on its vibrant youth as the catalyst for change and innovation.

“You (youth) are our change catalysts; you are our innovators; you are our present and our future”, said the   Kenyan First Lady

Malawi’s First Lady urged African governments to give space to the youth so as to find homegrown solutions to their challenges while exploring their potential so as to effectively take part in the development of their nations.

“Most importantly, young people need to be an integral part in decision making processes”, said Malawian First lady Dr. Mitharika

Dr Mutharika further added that young people need to be involved in decision making on matters that affect the continent especially on health and education.

The youth hold the solutions to some of the most perplexing and pervasive problems that Africa faces according to the two first ladies as per a statement released by the State House.

“For a long time, we have sidelined the youth, and we have not given them enough space to unleash their potential. We need to take action around the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the benefit of our young people,” Said Dr.Mutharika

“Today, HIV is the leading killer of youth in Africa—which is extremely disheartening given the amount of information we have about this disease, today. Youth friendly healthcare systems that respect the needs of youth, and the core values of our communities, are critical to empowering this generation and securing socio-economic and political stability for the future”, said Ms. Kenyatta

The two First Ladies were speaking before over 200 youth delegates from across Africa Attending a two-day Africa Health Agenda International (AHAI) -2017 Youth Pre-Conference, at a Nairobi Hotel.

The conference which has been organized by the Africa Medical Research Foundation-AMREF is aimed at bringing together researchers, policy makers, practitioners, the private sector, advocates for health and civil society together to reflect on home-grown solutions to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals across the continent.