Zimbabwe experts call for induction of indigenous languages into school curriculum


Globalization has brought a lot of positives things for developing countries.

With the globalization drive however, language and culture is at risk of being swallowed up as people opt to use foreign languages over their native ones.

Language and culture experts in Zimbabwe say indigenous languages are under threat as more Zimbabweans opt to use English.

They are calling for the preservation of the country’s indigenous languages through their cultivation into the education system.

They believe that one’s mother tongue is an important factor that influences basic education.

The experts are urging the country to encourage multilingualism to help preserve languages and culture as well as to ensure development of society.

The Education Act of Zimbabwe states that the medium of instruction during the first three years of learning must be the mother tongue.

Zimbabwe is a relatively monolingual country. Shona is spoken by over ten million people in the country.

Zimbabwe’s Constitution recognises 16 official languages.