South Sudan President calls for national prayers to overcome the conflict plaguing the country


The President of South Sudan Salva Kiir has called for a national day of prayer for peace and forgiveness and urged citizens to come out in large numbers according to a report by the Sudan Tribune.

“As your leader and the Patron for the National Dialogue, I am obliged to release this public statement to inform all our citizens and friends about the planned National Day of Prayers that’s going to be held on March 10, 2017,” President Kiir said in a statement broadcast on the official (SSBC) TV and Radio and sent out to media houses on Wednesday.

President Kiir appealed for huge turnout “on that day to pray, repent and forgive each other for the problems that we might have committed against one another for the last four years.”

The President said this event will be held in all the states capitals as a preparation for the commencement of the processes of National Dialogue continues.

President Kiir announced that the National Dialogue will start within the communities to the national level. He appointed a steering comment that will be sworn into office next week.

“Our time is now ripe to turn to God and ask Him for forgiveness and blessings. We have not been that prefect and we need to submit ourselves to Almighty through prayers,” he said.

The National Day of Prayer is when people of all faiths pray for the nation

“It should be the day we all pray to God and ask Him for forgiveness so that we start a new chapter in our relations as citizens of this nation,” he added.

Kiir also asked South Sudanese overseas to pray on March 10 for peace in the country “in the same spirit.”