Americans on Twitter send heartfelt farewell messages to Bao Bao as she heads to China


Bao Bao1

Famous giant Panda Bao Bao is set to depart from the Dulles Airport for Chengdu, China, to start lifein her new home.

The three-year-old is the first surviving cub born at the National Zoo since 2005.

The Panda will board a special FedEx plane, and will be joined by a keeper and a veterinarian.

The National Zoo says Bao Bao is traveling now because it’s better for pandas to travel in the winter months when it is cool.

Bao Bao means “precious treasure” in Chinese, and is described by her keepers as a “very independent” panda.

Many Americans that have fallen in love with Bao Bao over the years have been expressing their sadness at her departure, but also happy for her that she will finally have a possibility of joining her family.

Here are some of the farewell tweets in honor of Bao Bao;

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