240,000 people affected by Somalia drought to receive aid


red cross

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in collaboration with the Somali Red Crescent Society (SRCS) is working to distribute food aid to about 140,000 people affected by drought in the Horn of Africa.

“This food will provide temporary relief to families who are suffering and have few options left,” said Jordi Raich, the head of ICRC’s Somalia operations.

Somalia has been hard hit by severe drought and there is concern that the country may face famine.

While droughts are cyclical in Somalia, this year’s conditions are exacerbated by failed rains last year. Drought conditions are now devastating communities dependent on livestock and agriculture.

In the coming days, 100,000 more people in the country will receive cash aid as well as other essential items.

The food distribution, which began this week, is taking place in 114 villages in Ceel Buur, Mataban, Sool, Sanaag, Nugal, Hiran and Bari regions.

The food distribution is however facing challenges as these areas are prone to conflict and as such are difficult to access.

To help communities access whatever water is available, the ICRC is repairing boreholes and providing water troughs for animals.

Also hit by drought are the East and Southern African regions. The Kenyan government last week declared the drought that has hit the country’s northeastern region a national disaster.

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