Tanzania Bongo music stars arrested for drug use


Tanzanian celebrities Khalid Mohamed ‘TID’, Petit and Tunda  and ten other artistes appeared before a judge in a court in Tanzania, Dar es Salaam after being accused of using narcotic drugs according to the Citizen.

Police in the East African nation questioned top celebrities in the country for suspicion of abusing drugs and drug trafficking in an on-going crackdown on ant-narcotics trade.

The task force head police officer produced a sworn affidavit that informed the curt that reliable sources had solid information on the artists and other suspects yet to be arrested revealing their involvement in drug abuse.

The artists were ordered to give bond and sureties for good behavior for three years.

Dar Regional Commissioner Mr Paul Makonda ordered seven artistes to present themselves at the police station for questioning. On Friday, the four of the seven who went in for interrogation included former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu, Bongo Flava musician Khalid Mohamed – commonly known as TID, Dogo Hamidu, and Babuu wa Kitaa.

Mr Makonda told the East African the investigation has uncovered intelligence on the illicit trade in Dar es Salaam and across the borders.

“One drug dealer is in Dubai right now seeking to connect to China. Furthermore, we are aware that there are drugs being imported to Dar es Salaam next month from China. We have already alerted the immigration department and airport authorities… The dealer has contributed to the imprisonment of about 60 per cent of Tanzanians in China,” he added