Morocco to finance the new South Sudan capital city



South Sudan is moving its capital city away from Juba to Ramciel and Morocco is financing the new capital according to an agreement signed between the South Sudan government and Morocco’s King.

“The Kingdom of Morocco has taken upon itself the commitment to finance the project (assessment fees) worth five million dollars,” said Moroccan Minister of Interior, Mohammed Hassan.

Morocco will fund a 5 million dollar feasibility study on Ramciel, which is about 200kms north of Juba and located on the western side of the White Nile according to a report by the Monitor.

The South Sudan cabinet approved a 10-billion dollar plan in 2011 to relocate the capital to Ramciel from Juba.

Ramciel is a pastoralist area located in Eastern Lakes State assumed to be neutral and central in the country. It is said to have enough land for government buildings. The plan was never implemented, largely because funding was not available.



  1. Actually, South Sudan was born in bad times when its independence came with death of its liberation hero – Garang. To add the salt to festering wound it slipped into vicious civil war that nearly laid to total waste of the main seat of its government – State House let alone the wider Juba. The signing of the funding for a new and well planned administration capital is a wonderful and well thought out idea coming with an excellent planning.
    I as a Kenyan with a twinned heritage to that region I feel like my real homeland is on fire, my wishes and prayers is for the lasting peace and development for SSudan. God Bless SSudan and King of Morocco.