Gambian residents flee en masse as crisis deepens

President Yahya Jammeh

As the Gambia’s political crisis deepens, an exodus is gathering pace. Thousands of Gambians are fleeing the capital Banjul, by sea and road, for the safety of neighbouring Senegal.

This follows President Yahya Jammeh’s declaration on Tuesday of a state of emergency.

The Gambia is a popular destination for British holiday-makers, but nearly a thousand of them are now being evacuated.

This follows a statement by Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office on Tuesday urging UK nationals to leave the Gambia, due to on-going political uncertainty and potential military intervention.

Neighbourhoods are eerily quiet- those left behind waiting to see how things will unfold.

Earlier today Gambian National Assembly extended President Jammeh’s term passing a resolution to allow him stay in office for three months from Wednesday according to Gambia’s state television.

The move came as Jammeh declared a state of emergency, a day before his official mandate ends. The move sparks uncertainty over Thursday’s Inauguration for the President-elect. Jammeh has refused to step down as president since he lost in the December election

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