Ethiopia seeks aid to help 5.6 million people in need of food aid


The Ethiopian government alongside other partners on Tuesday launched the Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD) for 2017, to seek funds to help about 5.6 million people that are in need of food assistance.

The fund will mainly be directed to purchase food for people in the southern parts of the country.

“Last year the Government of Ethiopia, with the support of international donors and humanitarian partners, was able to mount the biggest drought response operation in global history. Today we need that partnership once again as we face a new drought, with 5.6 million in need of urgent assistance”, says Commissioner Mitiku Kassa, Head of the National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC).

Failed rains in southern and eastern parts of the country have left about 5.6 million people in dire need of food assistance.

The 2017 HRD prioritized plans in water and sanitation, agriculture, relief food, nutrition, health, education, protection, and shelter and non-food items in the affected areas.

Failed rains have hit Southern and Eastern Africa hard as countries struggle with food and water production.