China tells Trump ‘One China Principle’ not negotiable

China tells Trump ‘One China Principle’ not negotiable

China’s Foreign Ministry on Monday responded to Trump’s remarks saying that the country’s “one-China principle” regarding Taiwan is not negotiable and that any attempt to reconsider the issue would be self-defeating.

Hua Chunying, the Ministry spokeswoman told reporters that anyone attempting to use Taiwan’s status in a negotiation would be “smashing their feet by lifting a rock.”

Hua told reporters at a daily briefing that; “Not everything in the world can be bargained or traded off.”

Trump’s comment was on the Wall Street Journal which he said that the US approach to One China was up for negotiation.

One China has been acknowledged by the US since 1979, when President Jimmy Carter developed closer ties with Beijing, at the expense of contact with Taiwan, the Independent reports.

The principle holds that Taiwan is part of China and the Communist government in Beijing is China’s sole legitimate government.