China committed to conservation efforts in Africa


China is committed to conservation efforts. In particular, the country is keen on protecting Africa’s many endangered species.

The Chinese government recently issued a total ban on the sale of products made from ivory. The National Forestry Administration has provided a roadmap for the market’s closure.

“By the end of March, 2017, we will shut off the activities of ten to fifteen workshops and fifty to sixty booths. And by the end of 2017, all commercial activities involving ivory will be shut off in China.”  Said Zhang Dehui, Conservation Director, China Forestry Administration Director, Division Of Wildlife Conservation And Utilization Supervision State Forestry Administration

Currently, there are 34 workshops and 143 booths legally registered in China. The commercial activities of these places will be permanently suspended at the end of 2017. This will make selling ivory illegal in China after 2017. Many believe this ban will be a heavy blow to illegal activities such as smuggling.

China has led three successive cross-continent operations code-named “Cobra” to crack down on the illegal trade of ivory. Over 70 tons of trafficked ivory have been confiscated in these operations.

China is providing support to wildlife conservation efforts in Africa. This support includes a 10 million dollar fund that was established to help countries in Africa protect their wildlife. In 2015, China provided equipment to the Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe. Last year, China began working with Kenya to develop an anti-poaching system that uses drones and remote censoring systems in Tsavo National Park.