105-year-old French cyclist set to break record


A 105-year old French cyclist is seeking to break another world record when he will jump on his bike to compete in the senior hour endurance on Wednesday.


Robert Marchand, managed to ride 26.927 kilometers (nearly 17 miles) three years ago at the Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines velodrame.

At the moment, still at his fit stature, the 105 year old Frenchman is racing in a category of his own.

He says, that surpassing the distance required in an hour will be tough but he is determined to give it a go, even if the modest centenarian insists that he isn’t in good shape as he was a couple of years back.

Gerard Mistler, a cycling coach who advises Marchand, remains impressed as ever.


“He is very regular in his pedaling. Nothing to excess, he is efficient.”

University professor and physiologist Veronique Billat, who has been following Marchand’s progress since he turned 100, says admiringly: “His body mass is small but he has a heart which pulses as much blood per minute as someone larger.

“And he’s not afraid to try things.That determination will stand him in good stead on Wednesday as he jumps back in the saddle once more and heads for the cycling track.”

In the words of the coach Mistler, Robert Marchand is quite simply a “great example for humanity”.

(Original script by AFP)

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