Nigeria government cuts thousands of ghost workers from payroll



The federal government of Nigeria has removed over 50,000 ghost workers from its payroll in its efforts of fighting against corruption.

According to a statement posted by the West African government will save around 635 million dollars this year from the removal of ghost workers from the government payroll.

Nigeria government spokesperson Garba Shehu stated that at least 11 people championing the syndicate of the ghost workers” have been handed over to the authorities and some of them have already been “undergoing trial.”

“When the committee was constituted in February 2016, Federal government monthly bill was N151 billion excluding pensions. Now he monthly salary warrant is N138 billion, excluding pension. Which means the government is making a monthly saving of about N13 billion. That is from February 2016 to date,” said Shehu

The government audit is using bank verification numbers to rid the imposters and take down the public salary fraud.

“The flagship program of the Muhammadu Buhari administration to rid the system of fraud and instill good governance is on course. Through a notable initiative, the Efficiency Unit of the Federal Ministry of Finance, the government has embarked on the continuous auditing of the salaries and wages of government departments.” Said Shehu

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