Uganda: 30 dead after boat capsizes in Lake Albert



Thirty people are feared dead after drowning in Lake Albert on Christmas day as they traveled to participate in a friendly football match. According to eyewitnesses, the boat was overloaded and most of the passengers sat on one side of the boat making it lose balance.

The victims were among footballers and fans from Kawaibenda village in Buliisa District who were travelling to Runga Landing site for a football match as part of the Christmas day festivities.

Buliisa District Police Commander Mr. John Rutagira stated that police had received information that the coxswain (boat operator) and most of the passengers were drunk by the time they embarked on the journey.

“Surprisingly the boat capsized when there was no wind in the waters. Those who knew how to swim survived easily as none of the occupants on board had life jackets.,” one of the eyewitnesses said.

So far, only nine bodies have been recovered out of the total 45 people who were on board, while 15 others were lucky enough to survive.

Mid last month, a canoe that had set off from Kabolwa Landing Site in Buliisa District to Kagoya Landing Site in Nebbi District capsized with over 21 passengers on board.

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