Congolese ethnic militia kills 13 in apparent revenge attack


An enthic Nande militia in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday killed at least 13 Hutu civilians with guns and machetes in an apparent revenge attack for the deaths of Nande civilians last week. Local activists say.

Dozens of people have already been killed this year in tit-for-tat massacres by Hutu and Nande militia in eastern DR Congo’s North Kivu province.

Relations between the communities have worsened due to population movements and operations by the Congolese army against the largest Hutu militia in the area.

Militia violence across the country has spiked in the last week, raising fears that political instability over President Joseph Kabila’s tenure could stoke a surge in localized conflicts by creating a local security vacuum.

At least 40 people died last week in protests against President Joseph Kabila’s refusal to step down at the end of his constitutional mandate last Tuesday. The government says he will remain in office until an election can be organised in 2018.