Rwanda:Draft Law seeks to bar former public officials from drawing “double salaries”

Minister for Public Service and Labour, Judith Uwizeye
Minister for Public Service and Labour, Judith Uwizeye
Minister for Public Service and Labour, Judith Uwizeye

Top government officials who leave their positions and get new jobs will no longer earn their post-duty benefits and allowances after the approval of a draft law that determines allowances and fringe benefits for senior government officials, by Senators and the MPs in the Lower Chamber of Parliament.

According to Minister for Public Service and Labour, Judith Uwizeye, who welcomed the senators’ approval, allowing former government officials the benefits wasn’t helpful in the proper management  of public funds and that the new amendments will be in line with efficient management of state finances.

Approval of the proposed amendments to the Organic Law No. 05/2012/OL of 03/09/2012 that determines allowances and fringe benefits, makes it possible for the senators to stop the government from paying its former top officials their post-duty benefits upon getting other jobs in the private sector or the government.

Under the current law, senior officials are entitled to benefits that go over a period of either one year or six months depending on the level of the political leader or official, after having left the office honourably.

Senior officials in the second category such as the President of the Senate, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies and Prime Minister as well as the Chief Justice and Auditor General of State Finances continue to get monthly salary and all other benefits such as a furnished residence, residence allowance, payment of water and electricity bills, security services as well as vehicle maintenance.

The revised law however, reduces this period to six months and states that they won’t receive benefits in case they get jobs during the six month period unlike today, when they would get paid for their new jobs and continue to collect their post duty benefits.