Burundi moves from analogue television to digital



“From today onwards, with the intention to fulfill our international obligations of the 2006 Geneva Agreement that Burundi has signed, our country will progressively move from analog to digital TV broadcasting”, said Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza in his speech at the inaugural ceremony of digital TV broadcasting at the Burundi National Television in the morning of 19 December 2016, reports IWACU 

The President apologized for the government’s failure to adopt digital broadcasting by 17 June 2015 , the set deadline.

Burundi’s Minister in charge of communication, information and media technologies, Nestor Bankumukunzi, said that it was thanks to credit from the Chinese Exim Bank and the promise of digital TV decoders by China that the project was able to achieve the development.

The changeover will be progressive, starting from the municipality of Bujumbura, to Bujumbura province, to the centre of the country, and eventually to the entire national territory according to IWACU.

The Burundian President also inaugurated the Bujumbura Fiber Optics Metropolitan Area Network, an optic fiber network and complementary infrastructures, in order to supply high speed connection to government institutions such as the Presidency, the Parliament, the Senate, hospitals and courts






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