Six police officers killed by Cairo bomb blast


Six policemen were killed and three others wounded on Friday after a roadside bomb exploded near a security checkpoint in Cairo, Egyptian interior ministry said.

The attack happened near a government building in a middle-class neighbourhood in the capital, the latest in a series of security incidents in the Northern African country claimed by radical Islamists.

This latest attack has however not been claimed by group yet.

The ministry said a security cordon had been thrown around the scene of the attack near a mosque in the Giza district of the Egyptian capital.

Reuters reports eyewitness to describe the scene of carnage, saying dead and dying policemen were lying next to wrecked cars. One of the policemen had blast fragments in his chest and two more had lost legs.

Security forces killed three gunmen on Tuesday in a raid on a hideout in southern Egypt used by what they described as an armed wing of the Muslim Brotherhood, which claimed responsibility in September for an assassination attempt on a senior prosecutor.