Flights delayed at Kenya’s main airport due to military drills


Kenya’s Jomo Kenyatta International airport was closed in the morning hours to allow the Kenyan military to conduct training drills in Nairobi capital city in preparation for an upcoming public holiday.

Nairobi’s airspace was closed affecting the Wilson airport at the other end of the city as well, in order to allow Kenya Air Force to prep for Jamhuri Day celebration which falls on December 12th.

Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) closed the two airports from 11.20am to 12.30pm due to potential hazards on flight routes as the military planes prepared for the 53rd celebrations of Kenya independence.

Tens of flights were delayed and lots of passengers frustrated by the delays.

“It was necessary to close the two airports. To begin with, the military aircraft cross flight paths used by other aircraft. Secondly, in case of any incident, they would have both airports to land in addition to their main base” said Gilbert Kibe, Director General at Kenya Civil Aviation Authority