Angola honours Fidel Castro by naming road after him


Angola has named its newest road after the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro.

“We’re not just looking at a former president, a friend head of state, but above all at a political personality whose vision, clear thinking and perseverance in his ideas and performance placed him.. in the position of leader of the Cuban Revolution,” said Manuel Hélder Viera Dias, Angola’s minister of state and head of the country’s Security Office, at the naming ceremony

According to Quartz, “Comandante em Chefe da Revolução Cubana Fidel de Castro Ruz Motorway” is the name given to the new motorway in Luanda province. The road is in addition to a primary school and an avenue in Angola’s capital Luanda.

The Cuban revolutionary’s legacy in Angola was key to the independence and anti-colonial movements in the African nation.

Castro sent 36,000 troops when South Africa’s apartheid government attacked it for giving refuge to independence activists from the African National Congress. Cuba also trained Angolan fighters who went ahead to claim the country’s freedom from Portugal.