#FreeJoyDoreen: Twitter users demand release of arrested KTN journalist



A journalist belonging to Kenya Television Network (KTN) was arrested along with the King of Rwenzururu in western Uganda over clashes between police and militia in which 55 people were killed.

Joy Doreen Biira, the KTN reporter and anchor was apprehended together with her fiancee, as well as three other friends on Sunday from her home in Kasese by uniformed men yesterday evening.

She was allegedly detained over her social media post on the violence between the kingdom loyalists and national government forces.

Joy, who had taken her fiancée for introduction, had posted a video of the burning palace on her Instagram account.

“It’s so sad what I’ve witnessed today with my own eyes…part of the palace of the Kingdom I’m from, the Rwenzururu kingdom, burning down…” Joy had posted on her Facebook page but the post has since been deleted.

“Family member says military came to the home and demanded for photos @JoyDoreenBiira had taken of the attack on the palace #KaseseUpdates,” a friend who was identified as Rosebell tweeted.

Soon after word broke out that Joy had been arrested Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) used the hashtag #FreeJoyDoreen to put pressure on the Uganda government to release the journalist.

KOT expressed their sentiments over the arrest with many pointing out that it was unfair and an outright attack on media freedom and freedom of expression in that matter.

An image released on social media by Uganda’s NBS Television shows the journalist at a police station in Kasese.

Reports on social media from friends of the journalist have indicated that she will be released anytime on Monday.

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