Rwandan students encouraged to embrace entrepreneurship


Rwandan students have been advised to avoid studying for the purpose of getting a white collar job but rather embrace entrepreneurship.

Youths were encouraged to pursue businesses and hand on vocations at the Entrepreneurship Week at the Rwanda Tourism University in Kigali on Tuesday according to a report by the New Times.

Students were told to learn self-employment skills by John Ngarama, the Business development Manager at the Business Development Fund (BDF), who further said that youth should break from ‘Kaminuza syndrome’, which is a sense of false entitlement among many varsity graduates – who believe that academic papers amounted to a license to a well-paying job

“You can start saving little money now and eventually join hands to do great things together through business-oriented co-operatives,” he told the students

Students were urged to participate in business plan competitions, and partake in training courses that enhance their business-related skills.

158,648 job-seekers who sat job exams between 2012 and 2016, only 12,109 were eventually picked said Caleb Tumusime, the in charge of employment, policy and strategies at the Public Service Commission.

“You should think big and start looking at establishing factories that will process locally-made products and help address the issue of unemployment,” he said.