7000 years old city unearthed in Egypt



Egypt has discovered a city that dates back to more than 7000 years and a cemetery as well, dating back to the country’s first dynasty in the southern province of Sihang

According to Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry the city likely housed high ranking officials and grave builders. Archaeologists uncovered huts, pottery remains, iron tools and 15 huge graves some which are larger than the graves of the kings in Abydos.

Abydos is one of the oldest cities in ancient Egypt that is believed to have been the capital city towards the end of the pre-dynastic period and during the rule of the first four dynasties.

“The size of the graves discovered in the cemetery is larger in some instances than royal graves in Abydos dating back to the First Dynasty, which proves the importance of the people buried there and their high social standing during this early era of ancient Egyptian history,” the ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday

The city was discovered 400 metres away from the modern day city of Luxor which is home to the temple of Seti I, an Egyptian pharaoh who reigned in the 13th century BCE.

The discovery could bring to life Egypt’s ailing tourism industry which was hit hard by the bombing of the Russian plane carrying 224 people in October 2015.

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