Zambian President Edgar Lungu wants his salary slashed by 50%


Zambian President Edgar Lungu has asked that his salary be slashed by half, as part of the government-led austerity measures aimed at reviving the country’s economy.

The president’s salary slash proposal was revealed to parliament by vice president Inonge Wina.

“This government is committed to enforcing austerity measures and the president is the first national of the country to declare that even his salary be cut in half so that the country can observe that we have to make sacrifices as leaders,” she said.

She has since asked the lawmakers to lead by example and observe austerity measures as well.

The Zambian leader’s current monthly salary is reported to be about 45,000 U.S. dollars.

Wina went ahead to dismiss claims that the government wanted to purchase 45 land cruisers for the country’s ministers.