The European Union to pay Somali police salary



An official has said that the European Union will pay the salaries of the Somali Police Officer, the Africa Review reports.

According to the new EU Ambassador to Somalia, Veronique Lorenzo, the 6,800 police officers will receive the payment next week adding that the regular salary payment to the police force was the responsibility of the Somali government, the EU assistance was meant to boost the morale of the force.

“This payment by the EU is intended to encourage the police to boost the security, law enforcement and restoration of proper order,” said Ms Lorenzo.

The ambassador stated that the money would be channeled through the police force’s account at the Central Bank of Somalia.

She did not specify the amount.

“This will be easy, speedy and transparent act,” she added.

The diplomat, who presented her credentials to Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud last week, said the intervention would support the police’s agenda to reform the security sector.

The Somali ministry of Finance and the EU have recently announced a new salary payment modality, promising a pilot scheme to be applied to a section of the security sector before a complete roll out.

Somalia was struggling to rebuild the state institutions after more than two decades of civil war, with the EU being one of its main supporters in the recovery.

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