38 arrested after deadly clashes in Niger between farmers and herders


38 people have been arrested in Niger in connection with the killing of 18 people in deadly clashes between cattle herders and farmers, a police source said on Wednesday.

The clashes occurred in a community near the western Tahoua region on Tuesday morning after a herd of cattle wandered into a farmer’s field and damaged cereal crops grown there.

Young farmers from the region are said to have then descended on town with the aim of attacking the families of the herders.

They burnt 22 homes, killed 18 people, mostly women, children and the elderly, seven of whom were burnt alive.

A further 43 people were injured in the clashes.

123 women and children that were threatened by the angry assailants have been put under protection in a local police station.

The clashes came nearly two years after 10 people were killed in the same region in similar clashes between cattle herders and farmers.