Morocco establishes new relations with Tanzania in King’s historic visit


After nearly 32 years since Morocco quit the Organization of African Unity modern day African Union, the North African nation has not had any close relation with Tanzania. The visit Moroccan King Mohammed VI has brought the two nations close again, with over 21 partnership agreements signed between the countries in renewing their relations reports the Citizen.

“This is the first time the Moroccan monarch has visited Tanzania and he did not come empty handed as can been seen from the agreements signed today” said Tanzania’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation, Dr Augustine Mahiga

According to the Moroccan news, Moroccan foreign minister Salaheddine Mezouar affirmed that His Majesty the King’s official visit to Tanzania is historic as it opens a new page in bilateral relations,

The two leaders agreed to establish direct flights between Rabat and Dar es Salaam which will make business trips cheaper and convenient plus encourage tourism.

According to Tanzanian President, Morocco is doing better in tourism, mining and finance; therefore the direct flights will enhance tourism and exchange of visits.

“…. King Mohammed VI has accepted my request to assist in the construction of a modern stadium in Dodoma and an ultra-modern mosque in Dar es Salaam” said Tanzania’s President John Magufuli

The Stadium is expected to cost between 80 million dollars and 100 million dollars. Furthermore, at least 150 Tanzanian soldiers will join their counterparts in Morocco next week for military training.

Tanzania President John Magufuli and the King of Morocco witnessed the signing of the agreements which covered various areas including political cooperation, aviation, tourism, agriculture, oil and gas among others.

King Mohammed VI’s official visit to the East African nation ended today followed by a private visit in Zanzibar Island.