British to build the most expensive resort in Tanzania

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Tanzania has landed its biggest ever investment deal worth over 1 billion dollars (2 trillion Tanzanian shillings. A British firm, Pennyroyal Gibraltar, plans to establish Zanzibar Amber Resort currently under construction on the north east of the Island of Zanzibar in the East African nation reports the Citizen.

The resort is expected to create over 1500 jobs for the locals in an area where the major economic activities include sea weed farming and fishing.

The resort will have a five star hotel, a private jet airport with a 3,000 metre runway, a fully equipped horse riding centre, state of the art modern medical facilities and an international school.

The resort is expected to take eight years of construction in a plan that began five years ago. Due to a challenge of reliable power supply to the area, the resort will generate its own electricity at gas and wind energy plants nearby.

The company behind the resort are engaging with the government of Tanzania to offer engineering scholarships to local graduates and vocational training to ensure local workforce is equipped for the opportunities that will be presented by the investment.