Exiled former South Sudan Vice President vows to return home


South Sudan’s former first Vice President, Riek Machar has made a promise to return to his East African home country after leaving the country three months ago amidst violent clashes with the government.

Machar is optimistic that he can negotiate a peace deal with the youngest nation’s President Salva Kiir according to an interview he had with the BBC.

I’m going to return to South Sudan,” he said from South Africa, adding, “Because President Salva Kiir doesn’t want democratic and transparent and fair elections to be conducted, he attacked us, he has restarted the war.”

A peace pact which saw the rebel leader return to the country earlier this year was disrupted after the rebel forces and the forces loyal to the President clashed in Juba leaving over 200 dead and over 100,000 displaced to neighbouring nations.

“But I am hoping that wise leaders in the region, and in Africa and the rest of the world will throw up a political process which will bring about peace again, and the resuscitation of the peace agreement, and the reconstitution of the transitional government of national unity,” said Mchar to BBC

President Kiir said Machar would only be allowed to return to the young nation if he denounces violence and allows the current coalition government to implement the 2015 peace agreement.