Malawi’s President returns home

President Mutharika in Lilongwe, picture courtesy

Malawi President Peter Mutharika landed in Kamuzu International airport in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe on Sunday after unexplained extended stay in the United States. Mutharika was in the US for the United Nations general meeting last month.

Mutharika, 76,appeared to be in good health except for speculation of his right hand appearing to be in pain, with the President using the left hand to wave to the crowds and to greet his welcome entourage made up of government officials reports AFP.

It was a “big surprise to see the president using his left hand when we all know he is a right-handed person,” political analyst Humphrey Mvula told AFP.

The government of Malawi released a statement last week refuting claims that the President was not in good health, saying that he is “enjoying very robust health”. Mutharika was holding one on one meetings with prospective investors intending to set up businesses in Malawi.

Mutharika ignited more speculations on his health after being whisked away after inspecting the military parade saying nothing to reporters or the hundreds of supporters who waited to welcome him.

“We know everybody gets sick, but Mutharika is a president and there is a need for Malawians to know about the health of their president,” prominent rights activist Billy Mayaya told AFP, calling for authorities to release a statement on the leader’s health.

“Throughout the whole month I have been in the United States I held meetings with scores of investors who intend to come and set up businesses in our economy. This is a positive development because more foreign direct investment translates to creation of sustainable jobs for our youth, expansion of the tax base and improved livelihoods for the population.” wrote Mutharika on his official Facebook page on Sunday.

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