Most Somali refugees in Kenya don’t want to go back to Somalia



Eight out of ten Somalis in Kenya’s Dadaab camp which plans to be closed by November, are not willing to return home due to fear of rape, forced recruitment into terrorist groups and lack of medical care according to MSF.

“Hundreds of thousands of lives will be put at risk,” MSF said

Somalis in the over 300,000 refugees living in world’s largest refugee camp in Kenya are not for the plan of going back home.

“Extreme levels of insecurity and a dangerous absence of medical care mean that the conditions necessary for a safe and dignified return are simply not present in many parts of Somalia today.” Said MSF

25 year old civil war in Somalia has devastated the country leading to huge numbers of refugees from the country in Kenya and neighbouring countries.

Private clinics in Somalia are prohibitively expensive and pharmacies often stock out of date and poor quality drugs according to survey by the humanitarian organization.

Somali refugees can be given other alternatives instead of being sent back home according to the MSF, these solutions can include resettlement in third countries, integration into Kenyan society and the construction of smaller and more manageable camps.

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