South African to take part in World Drone Championships


The World Drone Championships are coming up in Hawaii this month. Participants from more than 30 countries are set to take part.

First-person drone racing is growing in popularity around the world and South Africa is the latest country to join the craze.

Pilots direct the drones using remote controls. The live video feed from the drone’s cockpit is broadcast inside these goggles. Luke Johnson is putting the final touches to his craft ahead of the World Championships.

The drones are built for speed and can reach up to two-hundred-kilometres per hour.

Hawaii will be Johnson’s inaugural championships, and he’s apprehensive about what lies ahead.

As an up-and-coming sport in South Africa, pilots have had to raise their own money to attend the tournament.

CCTV’s Julie Scheier caught up with South Africa’s contender and sent us this report.

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