South Sudan accused of obstructing UN peacekeeping mission



A confidential report handed over to the United Nations Security Council by the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is accusing the South Sudanese government of obstructing the UN peacekeeping mission in the country.

The report obtained by AP news agency gives a stark list of the ways that the government is using to frustrate the peacekeeping efforts in the country devastated by civial war.

Included in the report are various cases through which the South Sudanese soldiers impede the delivery of services by the UN troops.

One such incident is where an UN ambulance that was carrying a local woman who was in labour was stopped by government soldiers 15 times at checkpoints in the capital, Juba.

The journey which normally takes just about 15 minutes ended up lasting two hours, and needless to say, the, baby was dead on delivery.

In another incident, two South Sudanese soldiers stopped a UN vehicle an threatened to kill the international staffers inside.

The report from the U.N. chief, dated Sept. 8, calls the situation “unacceptable.”

South Sudan was operating under a fragile peace deal when fighting erupted again in Juba in July. Dozens of rapes and other attacks on both civilians and foreigners in the capital led to calls for the new regional protection force.

Regional body IGAD has said it plans to send more troops to the country, though the South Sudanese government has rejected such plans saying it will not allow any more foreign soldiers into its territory.

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