Kenya steps up surveillance along border with Somalia


Kenya has stepped up surveillance along its border with Somalia in efforts to stop al-Shabaab insurgents from entering the country to mount terror attacks, the country’s police said on Wednesday.

Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinett said security officers have witnessed and repulsed sporadic attempted terror attacks in the past one month in areas such as Mandera and Wajir countries located in the northeast of Kenya, close to its border with Somalia.

“We are also closely monitoring the developing situation in Somalia that has seen a steady build-up of suspected Al-Shabaab fighters in the regions bordering Kenya,” Boinnet said in a statement issued in Nairobi.

Boinett said the militants particularly target security installations and medical facilities along the border in an effort to loot arms and ammunition, drugs and other various medical supplies.

The government also announced it is stepping up its naval patrols in the Indian Ocean in order to prevent militants coming into the country via the open waters.

The IG also asked locals to be vigilant and to make any necessary reports to the police.

“As such we call upon all citizens, more so, communities who reside within these border regions to be on the lookout for such individuals and to promptly inform the security agencies nearby,” he said.