Angola withdraws ambassador from DR Congo



Angola has withdrawn its ambassador to the Democratic Republic in Congo and the Angolan diplomatic mission in DRC’s capital Kinshasa reports Angola media.

The Angolan diplomacy say that the move was a security measure following the violent protests in the Congo with the protestors calling for the country’s President Joseph Kabila’s departure from power. The diplomats said that Angola diplomats were not attacked in the protests contrary to some reports.

“These direct attack issues to our facilities [representation of Angola in the DRC] are not true, we do not have those elements. The ambassador withdrew some staff, families to the Republic of Congo, where he was until the day before yesterday. But I think the situation is returning to normal, “said George Chikoti, Angola’s Minister of Foreign Affairs

The Minister also denied information circulating that Angola has sent troops to the neighbouring country.

Angola’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, George Chikoti met with DRC’s Information Minister Raymond Tshibanda in New York on Saturday to discuss peace in the DRC.

“The state will do everything to maintain order in the DR Congo, the attorney general of the Republic, the neighboring country is investigating all the cases that happen these days. The Government’s intention is to enforce the state’s authority, while the Government retains the idea of ​​pursuing and completing the political dialogue, “added Georges Chikoti on the outcome of the meeting with Raymond Tshibanda.



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