DR Congo rebel group kills seven in night attack


A DR Congo military official and a local leader say a rebel group attacked a village in the country’s east on Wednesday night, killing at least seven people, AP reports.

Mak Hazukay, military spokesman for Congo’s anti-rebel operation in the east, on Thursday said the attack took place in the Kasinga-Munzambayi locality about 5 kilometers from Beni in DR Congo’s northeast.

Bakwanamaha Modeste,a  local municipality head, is also reported to say that the Allied Democratic Forces rebels set fire to several homes during their raid. He said that families from the village fled for safety, and are in the streets of Beni.

The ADF rebels, with origins in Uganda, have been accused of killing more than 700 people since October 2014. They are among scores of armed groups present in eastern Congo for decades.