Somalia forces retake town from Al Shabaab



Somalia government troops recaptured El Wak town in Southern Somalia after Al Shabaab terrorists seized the town on Friday.

The terrorists took total control of the town for a day after raiding a military base, killings dozens and clearing the residents from the town.

Somalia government military regrouped with help from the African Union Mission to Somalia (AMISOM) and carried out an overnight attack on the militia that saw the government regain control of El Wak town in the wee hours of Saturday.

“Somali government forces and Amisom peacekeepers took full control of Elwak this morning, the violent elements have fled before the forces reached them,” Elwak Commissioner Ibrahim Guled told reporters on Saturday

Six Somali soldiers and 12 civilians were killed when Shabaab fighters attacked the town on Friday according to AFP.

According to reports the terrorists wore Kenyan military uniforms and arrived in vehicles stolen from the Kenyan army.

El Wak is a strategic town located near the Somali border with Kenya, also a main supply route for Kenyan troops operating in southwestern Somalia. Al Shabaab lost the town in 2011 when Kenyan troops crossed border into Somalia according to AFP.


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