Al Shabaab terrorist kill Somalia Military general

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Al Shabaab has killed Somalia military general and at least seven of his bodyguards on Sunday after ramming a car bomb driven by an al Shabaab suicide attacker into the General’s car convoy in the capital Mogadishu reports Reuters.

Al Shabaab, which once ruled much of Somalia, wants to topple the Western-backed government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, who is seeking re-election in the upcoming vote.

Voting for the 275-seat parliament is scheduled to start on Sept. 25 and end on Oct. 10, with new lawmakers sworn in on Oct. 30. Those lawmakers will, in turn, pick a president on Oct. 30.

Due to security concerns, including the continuing al Shabaab insurgency, voting will not be based on one-person-one-vote but instead about 14,000 people representing federal states across the nation will choose members of the legislative assembly.

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