Nigerian woman gives birth mid-sea in migrant rescue boat



A Nigerian woman that was aboard an overcrowded migrant rubber boat that had left Libya for Europe gave birth mid-sea after the boat was rescued by humanitarian aid agency Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

Faith gave birth to a healthy boy with the help of MSF officers after rescuing two boats that carried 253 migrants and refugees in total. Among them were 97 people under the age of 18 — including 84 traveling without a parent or guardian.

The Nigerian woman was on board the boat with her husband and two sons.

MSF tweeted the news of the birth soon after, saying the newborn had been named Newman Otas.

According to MSF, the little boy was born in international waters so his nationality was still under discussion.

Calmer seas, warm weather and escalating conflict in Libya has seen a recent spike in migrants attempting to make the voyage to Europe.

Over the weekend rescuers pulled about 3,400 migrants to safety — most of who were travelling on rubber boats — the Italian coastguard said.

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