China trains UN military observers

A training course for UN international military observers organized by China’s Ministry of National Defense (MND) started in Beijing Monday.

The course has enrolled 42 participants from 31 countries across five continents, including China, Australia, Denmark, Nigeria and Mexico.

The three-week course will be in English, covering topics such as peacekeeping activities, civilian protection, intercultural communication, investigation and negotiation.

Apart from learning basic theory and professional skills, the trainees will take part in conflict mediation and kidnapping response drills.

This is the fourth year for the MND to organize the course for UN military observers. Over the last three years, the course has trained a number of future military observers for China and more than 40 other countries.

The UN currently has over 1,800 military observers working in 16 peacekeeping-mission areas, responsible for duties such as collecting information, patrolling, liaison, mediation, negotiation and cease-fire monitoring.

China has altogether dispatched 1,746 military observers to join UN peacekeeping missions since 1990. There are now 93 military observers from China working in nine peacekeeping-mission areas.

Source: Xinhua